About the theme

  • Current Version : 1.0.4

  • Last Updated : 5 June, 2020

  • License : GPL V3

Eduberg is a simplistic WordPress theme minimalist template geared towards colleges, universities, coaching centers, agencies, and educational institutions in general. With this education theme, managing your WordPress website will be a breeze.

This minimalist WordPress theme comes with tons of pre-built pages that you can use straight out of the box. This includes a Home page, an About Us page, a Blog page, a Contact Us page, and a product portfolio page. Since you’re building the website for an educational institution, you can have available courses or list faculty members to make your website more useful. But since Eduberg is multi-purpose in nature, a baker can showcase his pastries, or an insurance firm can offer their best packages. With a free WP theme like Eduberg, the sky is the limit.

To get started, you can use the above-mentioned default pages and layouts that come with the Eduberg theme by default. Just edit the fields and “Loren Ipsum” content. This will at least create a website you can present to your customers. To add more pages and extend the functionalities, you can utilize any page-builder plugin. This is because Eduberg is page builder compatible. For this purpose, Elementor is the best choice. With Elementor and Eduberg, you can create professionally-designed landing pages, course description pages, and admission forms for your education institution. All of these in minutes with zero coding. Other than Elementor, Eduberg is fully compatible with page builders like Beaver Builder, Brizy, and KingComposer.

Eduberg also serves as an eCommerce theme, and you can also create courses that can be purchased online. To create product pages, you can use the eCommerce elements to create a fully functioning online store. The elements you can work on are product carousel, product cart, purchase buttons, education timeline, among others. With additional plug-ins, you can also add membership functionality and videos. Eduberg’s adaptive theme will work across all these plug-ins.

Since this is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, you can use it for many industries besides education like retail, electronics, healthcare, digital products, to name a few. But yes, you’ll have a stunning website in minutes if you’re designing for an educational institution.

Eduberg enjoys a clean design and a lightweight architecture. It is low on flash and makes heavy use of HTML and CSS. Because search engines prefer fast loading websites, you get an advantage in SEO. With SEO tactics, you can expect higher rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Finally, it’s worth noting that Eduberg is mobile optimized. It adapts to changing screen sizes. Rest assured, your website will look appealing as always irrespective on the device.

There are two ways you can start using Eduberg theme for free. Download it onto your local computer, edit the fields to make the website ready, and upload it with a zip file. Or else, you can download it WordPress theme library, and it’ll be installed accordingly. Your education website will be ready in minutes. There’s a pro version of Eduberg you can use, which offers additional useful elements and instant support from the developer team.

Page Builders Compatible

Perfectly compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, King Composer and other page builders. Customize your website easily like never before.