If there was ever a perfect time to opt for social media marketing as the prioritized marketing tactic, it would be now. With almost everyone stuck to their social feeds, would you want to miss out on making the most out of it?

We think not, and that is why we hope to align your priorities with regards to social media marketing and optimization for once and for all with this blog. And in case you still don’t have an online entity for your business, you can start by learning how to make a site.

When you know that you have a perfect website and the business domain well-versed to bring profits, you need to focus on the part where you need to keep your audience connected and involved.

In case you don’t have a great website, we have got quite a few options for you that could help you with website creation. If you are looking for free WordPress resume themes, we got you covered. There are also a few from the best free minimalist WordPress themes in that regard.

If you know your way past those basics where you need to choose a theme and plugins for your website, we can move to the part where you can learn to link WordPress to social media and more.

Social Media Marketing Basics

Before we jump into the complex anomalies and formalities that you have to go by to make your social media marketing tactics work, we thought we should go over the basics just in case.

If you have been dealing with social media networks, you must have been noticing how your feed contains certain ads and certain posts that are from accounts that you have no connection with. Those are a proof of social media marketing being done.

Do you often get to see ads and posts that you have interest in? That is a proof that social media marketing is being done right somewhere. Those are basics of social media: Targeting, tagging, and reaching out.

If you can tackle those things, you can then manage the process that concludes with a WordPress social media connection that could bring more conversions to your business.

A few tactics you can use these days

We haven’t emphasized enough on how profitable it can be for you to market over social media compared to normal days. People have more screen time these days and there are more chances that your social posts will get to the feed of a possible customer too.

If you can just make sure that you make WordPress posting to facebook and other social channels a norm, you can tick a box that really needs to be ticked.

Before we ramble on for pages about the general things you can and should do, let’s be specific. Up next, we are going to specifically highlight a few things you can do to upscale your social media efforts.

1.  Post to social media regularly

When we talk about more posts to social media, people usually go for a post spurt and then go silent again. That is the exact reason that we now opt for a more subtle expression: ‘regular posts’.

With regular social media posts, you are making sure that you are giving every chance for the WordPress social media cohesion. We assure you that this bond helps a great deal.

If you cannot really allocate time daily or allocate a proper resource to post to your social channels regularly, you can opt for a WordPress social media plugin or a tool, just like HootSuite.

With regular posts, be it scheduled posting or on-the-spot trend capture type, you are more likely to catch attention. Social media platforms have modern algorithms that hinder your reach to the audience if you post rarely. Don’t want to be outdone by an algorithm, better keep the content flowing.

2.  Let your audience interact and spread the word out

What’s better than your regular social media posts? Posts shared by your audience directly from your website. That is exactly what every online business would ever wish for.

It is a branding procedure that could take a little time to bring fruit, but it is the best possible method for branding your business. If your audience spreads a good word out for you, it’s a win-win.

You can allow your audience to interact with your content on the website by simply adding post share buttons to the content. Any simple WordPress plugin can help you accomplish that.

When the audience has an option to share your content directly to their social media walls, you get your marketing done without having to spend on ads or other resources.

3.  Let your website audience have a peek into your social profiles

We talked about linking your website to social media so that your website content can reach the social channels, the opposite is also very much needed with social media marketing strategies. 

If your website audience can get to see your social media feeds, they would know that you are dedicated to the cause and have every weapon in your arsenal. It is a necessary feeling to develop in the potential customer that you have all that it takes for business in the modern era.

You can simply add a WordPress plugin that connects your social media feeds to your WordPress site and then display the feeds where you find them appropriate.

This way, the audience can jump on to your social handles from your website, stay connected, and get all future updates straight to their social media feeds. Convenient, isn’t it?

You can make sure that your audience gets a good look at what you have to offer and then go on to make a purchase. It is simply about displaying it all perfectly on your website like this one!

4.  Keep your ‘Hashtags’ up to date!

We know that hashtags might not have anything to do with your website directly, but they are surely a part of the pattern that brings more audience and hence, more conversions to your business.

It all starts with adding the appropriate hashtags to your posts, including a hashtag that is exclusively for your business. This leads to more reach and a hashtag branding as well. If anyone else uses the hashtag that is about your business, their potential audience is bound to discover you as well. 

5.  Encourage audience exchange between the site and the social media

If you think that adding share buttons and feed clippings to your website is enough, you should rethink. We have a valid reason to propose that you should also verbally encourage your audience to look through both your existences.

You might be already sharing your website link with every post on social media, but have you been guiding your website traffic to your social media handles? Try doing that too.

An easy method is to add CTAs that take your audience to your social media handle from your blog posts directly. You can also add social media link buttons to content for the same purpose.

One way or the other, it is important for you to keep social media involved with your website if you are looking forward to making the most out of every opportunity that the digital age holds.

A final word of advice

In a try of doing things, we advise you not to overdo them. Keep your social media authentic and engaging. Nor be too exclusive with your posts, and neither should you be posting ‘how are you?’ placards.

Keep things simple, elegant, authentic, and connected. That way, you can keep your audience linked to both your website and your social media. That gives you double the chances at gaining a conversion from a prospect.