Do you know what makes a business email address an important thing? The fact that it is a little thing that has a big impact on the image of your business on potential customers.

It is one of those little things that prove your business’ authenticity and brand stature. You are sending your potential customer an email and it really can go in two directions.

You can send an email from ‘’ or from ‘’. You are either sending an email from a layman’s email address or a professional email address.

Using a simple and free email account for your email campaigns can have negative effects on the CTRs and opening rates of your email campaigns and correspondences.

On the other hand, if you choose to go with a little more professional methodology, you can use a work email that can be either a free business email or a premium email domain.

A premium email domain surely has a better impact on the customer and surely creates a better brand image compared to a common email followed by the name of the email service provider.

Why is a Business Email Address important?

We already talked about how there are two ways to communicate with customers through email. The layman way and the professional way. You can choose any.

We suggest you choose a professional method because that is what counts when you are looking to get a conversion or make a sale to a potential or a recurring customer.

Why are these email endings so important anyway? These are an indication of your professional ethics and values. With a business dedicated email domain, you are proving a point to your customers.

These email domains are important. We can prove that with a simple case study. For one of our clients, the CTRs and open-rates for email campaigns were so low in the beginning.

They even had to switch email marketing platforms for that reason. We suggested they get a dedicated email domain so that they can send emails from a professional email.

With that step, they doubled their open rate in the next email blast and the CTR rose by 70% as well. All that because they chose to be professional in their methods.

Free Business Email Services

  1. Zoho Mail

Zoho is one of the most established SaaS and its products are versatile. They have CRMs, slack alternatives, and business emails to offer. Now, they have a premium option as well, but the free one is there too.

With a free Zoho email service, you can use a domain bought through them or from another host for free. You just have to cope with the fact that Zoho doesn’t come with a mobile app and you have to use the web to send out emails.

With its free version, you get to have a 5 GB data limit, a maximum upload size of 25 MB, and hosting for a single domain only. Apart from that, it is as smooth as you can ever wish.

  1. cPanel

Does the name ring a bell? It should if you have a website. With your hosting, you would have definitely got access to cPanel which is a platform that you might have rarely explored.

It allows you to set up any number of email addresses for the already registered domain associated with that particular cPanel account. It is a little tough to master, but still, it’s free.

You might need to go through the POP/IMAP instructions to make sure that you understand how to create a business email for setting up and sending emails from the new domain.

  1. may not be like the other two free options that let you choose your domain as it is in the business name and the acquired hosted domain. It is a little different.

You can acquire email domains such as ‘’ and so on with, which might not be perfect but still, it is an upgrade from ‘’.

Premium Email Services

  1. GSuite

It would have been unfair if we did not list this right at the top of the list of the premium Business Email Services. Using a google email for business is no doubt the perfect way to go about it.

You get to have a premium email domain, set up aliases, have different accounts with massive storage limits, and use all the other Google tools like the drive, the sheets, and more.

It costs USD 6 per user per month to use the Google platform for sending emails from a dedicated domain that you own on the internet, but it surely is the perfect interface.

  1. Outlook 365 for Business

If there is another platform that can come anyway near to what Google provides ass add-ons with its email service, it would have to be Outlook 365 without a doubt.

You get to have access to Excel, Word, and Powerpoint online with 1 TB of storage on the drive with Outlook 365. You can say that Outlook 365 is the Microsoft version of the GSuite.

How to set up a business email address?

To set up a business email address on most platforms, you only need to carry out a few simple steps. You need to choose a domain and prove your ownership of that domain.

After that, you can simply create accounts and aliases depending on the type of email service you have chosen. It is different when it comes to cPanel though and we will walk you through it too!

Setting up a business email in cPanel

Let’s do that in simple steps. 

  1. Log into your cPanel account from your hosting account.
  2. Open the Email Accounts option inside the Mail tab.
  3. Create the email address and the password as you prefer.
  4. Set up the email client such as Windows Live Mail etc.
  5. Use your email account for business purposes.


We recommend you to use a professional email address based on your business domain to send out emails to your existing and potential customers. You can choose between the free and the premium options as you wish!