Brainstorming for a catchy yet unique name for your new product or service isn’t as easy as it might seem. Chances are most business owners who spend weeks or, in some cases, months to come up with a perfect name for their new adventure. 

And this doesn’t include the cost involved in the research and development of the name. If you are considering launching a new product in the market, this may also ring true.

If you are into any online business, you’ll be familiar with conversion rates. Tracking your conversion rate can get tricky, and they depend a lot on the relation between your business and its name. So, choose one wisely.

One of the tricks is to use a Product Name Generator. It is the simplest way to get the creative juices flowing. The more ideas you are exposed to, the easier it becomes to find a perfect name for your product. 

In this blog, we will be exploring three Product Name Generator business tools you can use to name your next big idea.

Let’s dive in.

Why using Product Name Generators is a smart move.

In a nutshell, name generators are tools that work by taking one or more keywords and feeding you combinations and extrapolations based on them. 

You probably have already used a version of them while choosing a social media handle or ordering a domain.

The quality of ideas depends upon the tool that you are using. If you have already chosen a name for your new product, it’s a great start. But if you are still stuck in the brainstorming phase, we recommend you to get a little bit of extra help to get the creative juice flowing.

This new online betting business asked for our help to name their new online betting site. We recommended them to use the product name generators. They acted upon our advice and got a catchy name for their website.

The best thing about using a name generator for business purposes is that you can get a massive number of ideas in less than a few minutes. You should build a list of your best options and use them as a starting point for a perfect name. 

And if you find them useful enough, present them to your superiors or focus groups. In short, having a  name generator at your disposal is a creative way to come up with even better ideas.

4 Product Name Generators for your Next Big Idea.

The critical thing to understand here is that product name generators will not feed ready-to-use name ideas in most cases. However, your best bet is to take them and use them as inspiration.

Furthermore, note that when you finally come up with a name for your product, you should carry out the due diligence on whether any other business is already using it or has been copyrighted. 

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Nobody likes to deal with lawsuits on the launch day! Hence, without further ado, let’s take a look at the tools.


Oberlo’s Free Name Generator

Oberlo’s Free Name Generator is remarkably easy to use. The tool will enable you to enter keywords that mix and match other terms to create a potential unique product name.

Once you insert your keyword, the generator will instantly return to one hundred or more name ideas. However, you should keep in mind that it uses random keywords to generate each term. So, don’t forget to weed out options that don’t make sense. 

For this particular product name generator, we recommend you to try out multiple keywords, use the best results to put together a list of names, and you are off to races.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator works pretty much the same as our previous pick. To start, you will have to enter one or more words that it’ll use to create with ideas.

The service will return with pages of results, a lot of which will be subjectively good. One thing you will notice that the Business Name Generator will not mix the keywords you will enter. This means that you will get two different results for each one of your keywords. 

The best part about this tool is that it automatically recognizes what industry your keywords are related to. It also enables you to turn off specific options, save your favorites, and even filter your research.

If you like a name from the list, the Business Name Generator will interact with GoDaddy for domain registration. After you click on the name, it will show you the top-level domains (TLDs) available. 

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Namelix’s Business Name Generator

Of all the Product Name Generators we have shown you so far, Namelix’s Business Generator is the most user-friendly.  Once you have entered your initial keyword(s), the generator will ask you a series of questions to gauge your vision.

The generator will mix and match your keyword(s) and generate name suggestions and logos. Isn’t that cool? It has this edge over all other business name generators.

While Namelix’s Business Generator will give you many suggestions for your name and logo, you will notice that some of them will only be tangibly related to your keyword. Furthermore, while you are free to use any of the suggested names for your next big idea, the logos are different.

With Namelix’s, you can register domains and generate custom logos in a matter of a few minutes, but this comes with a cost. You will find some of the platform’s premium domains, costing thousands of dollars. 

Make sure to keep a budget in place if you are looking for the perfect product name of Namelix’s Generator. Overall, Namelix’s business name generator will give you excellent ideas for the name and logo of your new product or service. 

We suggest that if you have the budget and are looking for your product’s overall branding, Namelix’s tool is the best shot for you.


Of course, there’s nothing like a ‘perfect name’ for your product or service, only something that works well with your situation. Your goal should be choosing something easy to remember, relates to your core offering, and definitely, it should be unique and catchy. 

If your product’s name hit these three notes, you should be golden.