It is not an easy thing running a business that depends entirely on its digital existence for revenue. To be honest, there are many ends to meet and lots to cover before you can make a mark. How come WordPress Multi-purpose themes be a part of all that success story, though?

Let us be very clear from the very beginning about one thing: your website is what makes or breaks your business over digital premises. You have a website that seamlessly represents your business; you are going to have revenue coming in.

Your online business, say a gambling website, will only impress potential customers if you have optimized it the perfect way. Let’s assume you have a website on WordPress. 

Your WordPress website will only bring you conversions if it lives by a few standard parameters of a great professional website. These parameters, according to our experience and research, are:

  1. The right name: Named such that it represents your business perfectly. 
  2. The right theme: Designed and optimized to suit your business niche.
  3. Perfectly Up-to-date: Updated WordPress versions and plugins for smoother operability.
  4. Accessible and Interactive: Allows users to interact smoothly through operable features.
  5. Simple and Professional: Neither overdone nor below par with respect to design, functional operability, and features.

Themes and business success

You might think you need to opt for a customized website especially coded for you to seem professional. Many people ask themselves and us “Is WordPress good for professional websites?”.

We have a simple answer, WordPress professionals have made it such that it is only for professional websites. You are well-placed if you are on WordPress. That’s our take and probably everyone’s take on it.

Your website needs to be just about perfect for you to have any real chances of excelling as a business. WordPress websites heavily rely on themes to deliver as per expectations.

If you have chosen the right theme, you will be getting more conversions, lesser bounces, and longer session durations. The question is, what theme is the right theme?

We would highly suggest that you go for multipurpose themes if you want to get more user engagement on your website. Why? Because multipurpose WordPress themes have everything that a good business website needs.

10 Multi-purpose themes for your business website

Right here, we have a list of 10 of the best multipurpose WordPress themes for you. Go through the list and find your dream match.

1. Eduberg

Eduberg pro wordpress theme

Free now and forever; That is what Eduberg claims as it provides all its users with an excellent experience without charging anything. The theme can fit every business niche as it is customizable to its tiniest bit.

With Eduberg, you get to have a WordPress theme that provides security, seamless operability, and numerous integration options at zero cost.

If you are just starting your business or revamping all of your digital existence, Eduberg is the theme for you. It has got multiple templates and portfolio options for you to choose from.

You don’t need to hire a WordPress developer now, just install it and start to customize the website the way you want with any drag and drop editor you want.

Eduberg also comes with multiple typography options, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, font and color options, and slider options in addition to hundreds of operability features as well. Isn’t that convenient?

2. Agency Plus Pro

multipurpose themes

Business-class themes, anyone? Well, we have an exclusive business modeled multipurpose theme for your needs right here. Loaded with awesome features, Agency Plus Pro is surely an executive choice.

The theme is perfectly SEO-ready, just the way your business needs it to be to create a success story. With that and seamless integration options with numerous third-party applications, you get to have complete control over your website’s functional features.

You get to have over 30 different social icons and icon options for your website with this theme. Sticky header with the option to customize headers and footers bring all of your website under your control.

You get to have a sticky sidebar, multiple color options, metadata controls, and hundreds of font options to customize your website to perfection. 

All of these make operable features make Agency Plus Pro an awesome choice for a WordPress theme suited to your business needs.

3. Bridge

multipurpose themes

With 510 demo sites, Bridge can easily gap the bridge that you have with regards to bringing your website to the internet. If you want to create a website in minutes, these demos will help you a lot.

In case you want to go with a more personal touch, a customized website, you can create your own website using a drag and drop editor; In this case, the Elementor will help you create your website with fluent ease.

If you need help with the dynamics and mechanics of website creation, you can consult with the Qode help center or watch video tutorials available on the Qode Youtube channel.

With more than 200 different elements available at your disposal, you can create panels, webpages, and the website of your choice. That is made more able with the option to go with the module of your choice based on your business niche.

That and it’s inept ability to synchronize and seamlessly integrate with third-party applications to help you function better and improve your business standings. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

4. Divi

multipurpose themes

You would be baffled by the amount of control you get to have over each of the functions, features, and elements of your website when you opt for Divi as the theme for your business website.

As they claim, they are the future of What you see is what you get. You get to create the website of your choice with visual editing and drag and drop page builder.

The edge you have with visual editing onboard is the website view right away as you customize an element on your website. This way you get access to true visual editing that helps you decide for and against any customization right away.

If you are looking to extend the features that are present within the page builder and visual editing, Divi doesn’t limit you in this regard. You can simply add your custom CSS to the theme and do things your way.

With numerous design options, inline text editing, SEO-readiness, global elements, undo and redo options, and the option to save your designs, Divi is your best possible choice according to us.

5. Crane

multipurpose themes

Just getting started with your business? We have an awesome beginner-friendly theme for your business website right here. Crane is simple, easy-to-use, and impressive as a theme and you will fall in love with it right away.

You should not worry about being left behind on anything as Crane regularly adds new demos and templates to its gallery, enabling you to choose the design that suits your business niche and the modern standards simultaneously.

You get 7 premium plugins with Crane as a package and as a token of thanks as they call it. That and the ability of the theme to integrate with almost every third-party application and plugin allows you to add more and more functionalities to your website.

With WooCommerce integration, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, Groovy Menu, numerous header layouts, built-in layouts, and built-in conversion options, Crane enables you to an extent no other theme can. Isn’t that just perfect?

6. Exponent

multipurpose themes

Looking for an exponential increase in the number of website visits and the duration of sessions? Exponent should be your choice for your business website then.

It is one of those multipurpose themes that allow excellent visual customization options in addition to a number of pre-built templates to choose from.

With 26 flawlessly perfect demo websites and over 200 different layouts, you can construct a website for your business that perfectly describes your business niche and attracts more and more visitors to convert into custoemrs.

In addition to the page builder, you also have a visual builder for the headers and footers. You also get to have awesome blog layouts and options for your blog pages.

These options added to SEO-readiness, GDPR compatibility, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, typography options, color options, and multilingual support make it an awesome choice for your business website.

7. Brando

SEO-ready wordpress theme

When we first came across Brando, we linked it right away to branding and that is perfectly how you can explain the edge that Brando gives your website if you choose it as the theme.

It is creative, it is multipurpose, and it adds immense value to your SEO efforts with its SEO-ready pages and templates. With that, it also comes with online documentation in case you somehow can’t make sense of something.

The theme comes with 12 ready to use unique concepts that can help you get your website up and running with just minor changes to the dummy content on it. No need to alter the layout and all with those perfect demos.

With the promise of a blog and portfolio showcase coming in soon on the theme, you can really sense something out of the ordinary coming up for you and your business with Brando.

With 6 plugins included in the purchase, you get 2 unique SEO plugins for your website, just in case you are looking forward to branding and customer acquisition with passion.

That and the fact that it is GDPR compatible, compatible over different browsers and devices, comes with over a hundred different elements, and gives you numerous typography and color options, it becomes the perfect choice. Doesn’t it?

8. Avada

multipurpose WordPress themes

To be accurately true, any list of multipurpose WordPress themes would be incomplete and inaccurate if it does not include Avada in it. That’s how much reputation it has built for itself as a Multi-purpose theme.

Avada brings you speed and efficiency together with numerous functional operabilities. It’s speed allows you to create awesome websites with drag-and-drop mechanism.

The greatest part that fascinates us the most is the Header builder which allows you to create the header layout of your choice. You can design and build dynamic headers with a few simple clicks.

With flexible column ability, it helps you make your website just the way you want with the desired layouts. You can also create sticky containers which tops sticky headers available with other themes.

With more than 70 different design elements and 8 layout section elements, you can innovate the way you want. In addition to that, you can upload your own icons as well.

It has all the other common features that themes usually have like GDPR compatibility, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, SEO-readiness, and documentation. That is exactly why it’s such a highly rated choice.

9. Osmosis

Wordpress business theme

Do you know what Osmosis actually means? It is fluidity from lower to higher gradient and that is exactly what Osmosis, the Theme, can help you with.

If you are looking forward to accelerate the way your business website is performing, you can opt for Osmosis as the theme and we are sure your website will start to capture more limelight and conversions in no time.

The theme comes loaded with one-click dummy data import, allowing you to create a website in no more than an hour with all the features and the layout of your choice.

With live color customizer, customization options for titles and headers, multiple footer layouts, rich typography, personalized markers, revolution slider, go prcing tables, and an SEO optimized backend, Osmosis can really upscale your website in no time.

10. Total

multipurpose WordPress themes

When it comes to multipurpose WordPress themes, Total ranks as one of the finest among them. It has every possible feature that you would require in a theme with regards to functionality and visual appeal as well.

‘Total’ comes loaded with great cross-browser compatibility, unmatched responsiveness across platforms, front-end drag and drop builder, and one-click demo import option.

Moreover, it has more than a hundred page-building elements, live theme customization option, customized header and footer option with a builder, and inclusion of 4 premium plugins as well.

With Total, you have a theme that is BBPress ready, RTL & Translation ready, WooCommerce ready, compatible with numerous plugins, and developer-friendly.

Go with Total and you have a perfect multipurpose theme for your website. It gives you the perfect visual appeal and the finest functional finesse too!


We have narrowed down the theme search for you to 10 great Multi-purpose ones already. Just have a read and go for the one that fits your description of the perfect theme. Good Luck!