If you have ever played at the LuckyNiki casino, you must be aware of the site’s fantastic features, awesome welcome bonus and promotions, and loads of games. In a very short time, the casino has gone from a newbie to a fan favorite. 

The secret sauce to the overnight success of the casino is not only about consistent catering to the fan base and tying up with the best providers and providing competitive odds. But the site has also hit the nail on the head when it comes to customer conversion by personalizing the preference of the gamblers. 

Gamblers can be a finicky bunch, and with several gaming sites available, catching the attention of the players can be challenging. The best tool in the belt of any marketer is an optimizer, that allows a page to be customized to hit all the right spots with the visitor. It piques the interest of the players and increases the chances that a visitor will actually end up registering.

This is what LuckyNiki focused on. The portal used SiteKit Google plugin and Google Optimize to play their cards right. 

As a senior analytics engineer at LuckyNiki, in this article, I will share the interesting details about Google Optimize – its importance, and how you can use it.

Let’s get started. 

What Can The Google Optimize Tool Do For You?

Google Optimize is completely free. You can use this to split test the WordPress website and try different things to see what hits the optimal conversion rate for your website.

A/B split tests are a great way of checking how the two different versions of the same page are performing. You can try different headlines, highlight different offers and promotions in these two pages. 

Customers can have a very unique preference when they are visiting a type of website. With Google Optimize, you can simply drag and drop various components in the editor to create two different flavors of the same page. This will give you a lot of data on what works for your customer base.

How Do You Use Google Analytics For Optimizing Your WordPress Site?

To use Google Optimize, you will first need a Google Analytics account. The analytics will be using the unique tracking code of your website to provide you categorical data about your userbase. If you have never used GA or don’t have the tracking code, then you can follow simple instructions for installing.

Google Analytics on a WordPress site. It also comes with the addon that will let you use Google Analytics on your website along with the MonsterInsights plugin. 

Since the MonsterInsights plugin is a paid tool, and you will need the pro plan for using Google Optimize, you can also add Google Optimize to your website manually.

How Do You Set Up Google Optimize?

You can visit the official website of Google Optimize and click the Get Started link. After this, you can pre-select your account preferences. You should select the country you are operating from. This is because some of the setting options change depending on what country you are operating from. 

Click on Finished when you have checked the selected boxes at the bottom. Now, your Google Optimize account is ready. You will receive a container account where you can keep all the test pages that you create on your website. For this, you have to first link your website to the account.

How to link Google Optimize to the WordPress site?

Inside your account, you will find the option to Link to Google Analytics. Click on the Link Property and a screen will open which asks for properties of your website. If you have linked the website to the Google Analytics account, you will be able to find the website in this step. If the website does not show up at this step, you need to complete the website setting in Google Analytics.

The next step is to add the Google Optimize with the paid MonsterInsights plugin, or manually for free.

  • Adding GO through MonsterInsights

Install and activate the plugin first. When it is active, you will get the settings page where you can enter the paid license details. Next, go to the addon page and add the GO addon. This will instantly activate the setting. After this, you can go to Insights, Settings, and Conversions to find the container ID. Add this to the MonsterInsights account, and you will be able to start using the GO account. 

Pro tip: You can activate the ‘Google Optimize’s Async Page Hide’ to boost the speed of the users who have a slow internet connection.

  • Adding GO Manually

Adding GO manually to your website is tricky as a beginner. You will have to find the GA code from the WordPress site from the header part in your pages. The next step is to include the line ga (‘require’, ‘Container_ID’); below the GA code that has the property ID.

Once you are done, you can save the changes. You can also use system analytics expertise to complete the manual setup process.

The Wrap Up

So, this is how you can follow the example of LuckyNiki and use Google Optimize to optimize the conversations on your website. 

Have you ever used Google Optimize? How was your experience? Do let us know in the comments below.