In this article, you will get to know the best website builder on WordPress for casino sites. While using Elementor, you don’t have to worry about limited designs as this website builder supplies you with advanced abilities and high-end page designs. You will not have witnessed a better WordPress plugin for the online casino site than the Elementor. 

Elementor is the top page and website builder for both beginners and professionals. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web developer looking for a plugin to attain perfect pixel sites, a marketer looking for online tasks, or a designer who aims to expand his/her abilities on WordPress.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a free and modern WordPress website and page builder. Using Elementor allows you to develop stunning casino websites on WordPress with the easiest and quickest way in the market. A stunning website is the first step toward a less bounce rate on your website.

Elementor is unique as it has a high level of designs and styles. This key feature allows you to design life, and it also allows you to create a front-end for your websites. 

Elementor is the only page builder to offer a wide range of possibilities for the first time. It comes with many unique widgets, a stunning library of design templates, a dynamic set of mobile editing tools, and a reliable history feature. Using Elementor gives you access to all these available features for free. 

Creating a casino site with Elementor

The steps listed below will help you while using Elementor to create unique casino websites.

Install Elementor

After you are done with WordPress installation, then you have to install the Elementor page builder. Go to ‘Plugins’> ‘Add new’ in the WordPress dashboard and then enter ‘Elementor’ in the search box. Afterward, you have to click on the ‘Install’ button and then on the ‘activate’ button.  

Edit new page with Elementor

On the top left corner of your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Pages’> ‘Add New.’ Furthermore, when you click on the ‘Edit’ option, you will enter the Elementor Website Builder. 

Inserting Elementor templates

Now, you are inside the Elementor editor. Select ‘Add template’ and then choose from the broad array of free along with paid templates. It would help if you always started with a template because you can know about building the different elements of the page. 

Understanding the structure of Elementor

 Every Elementor page is made up of sections, widgets, and columns. Sections make the horizontal division in the page, columns divide each section of the page into vertical columns, and the widgets can be dragged or dropped inside the column. 

Full-width template

You can create any page of full width in the Elementor plugin by going to ‘Section’> Layout and then switching the stretch section to Yes.  

Add a Widget

You can also try adding new widgets to your page. To do so, delete one of the devices from the template that you have inserted by selecting the widget and then click on the X icon. After this, search for the widget button in the left panel and then drag it to the empty part from where you have just deleted the widget. 

Switching background image

To change the background image, click on any section. You will get the section settings on your left panel. Go to the center tab named ‘Style’ and then select the background image. Now, you have to choose a new idea for the background, and then click on ‘Insert Media.’  

Changing Fonts

To rotate the font, go to the heading widget on the specific page and click on it. You will get the heading settings in the left panel. Select the middle ‘Style’ tab and then click ‘Typography.’ Now, you can browse through different fonts under the ‘Family’ and choose a specific writing style for your page. 

Enjoy Elementor for Free

Elementor is not built only for the business; instead, it has changed WordPress’s design forever and made it very easy for web designers, site developers, and website owners. Using Elementor, you can create fantastic casino sites and that too for free.

So far, Elementor is a very well reputed plugin for creating Websites on WordPress. It has a reasonably supportive community on Facebook, and many people are shifting to Elementor for web development as it is the best page builder for WordPress. 

Elementor Pro

In 2016, an extension plugin for Elementor was launched, namely’ Elementor Pro,’ and created for professional web designers and developers. 

Elementor Pro comes with more advanced features like flexible portfolio and post widgets, global widgets, custom CSS, and live visual designs. 

Extensions for Elementor

The beauty of Elementor is that it is free and open-source, and this fact has motivated the developers to extend it further. You should also make sure you are relying on good hosting for your casino sites if you are using Elementor.  


WordPress users have realized that it is best to start using a free page and website builder having great potential like the Elementor. Using Elementor, you can design a site quickly with a lot of ease. You no longer have to deal with complex WordPress plugins that make you spend a lot of time coding. 

We hope you will find this article useful when creating a casino site using Elementor