Tracking website traffic and conversion rates are essential for every website owner. It gives you clear insights about how well your website is performing in terms of drawing in more customers. 

In today’s post, we’ll briefly explain what conversion is, the importance of conversion tracking specifically for online casino websites, and most importantly, explain the different methods of tracking conversion on your WordPress casino site.

What is Website Conversion?

In general, the term conversion has a broad meaning for websites. Conversion refers to turning visitors into customers, members, or subscribers. So for a casino site, the conversion is a measure of how many visitors register or sign-up on the site. Tracking conversion simply means tracking the number of visitors who turn into registered members.

Online casinos can track conversion based on two parameters:

  • The number of visitors who land on the official site (be it directly or through ads, external links, and search engine results) and register to create an account.
  • The number of registered members who make their first deposit.

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What Is The Importance Of Tracking Conversions?

Website conversion tracking is important to understand your website’s performance. It allows you to make better marketing strategies and decisions. The concept is not that difficult to understand – if you implement a certain marketing strategy or redesign your casino website and see the conversion rates go down, it gives you insights into what went wrong with your strategies. You can use this info to make the necessary changes in your marketing plan in the future. And if conversion rates go up after you implement a particular marketing strategy, that shows that your plan worked well so you can replicate it in the future as well.

Of course, implementing this concept is not as simple as we made it sound but at least it gives you a clear idea of the importance of conversion tracking.

Methods To Track Conversions On Your WordPress Casino Site

The first thing you need to know is that tracking your website conversions is a fairly simple process once you grasp the basics. The actual ‘tracking’ is done by readily available digital tools and software. 

On the owner’s part, all they need to do is specify the website or specific webpage for which they want to track the conversions and create a connection between the tracking software/tool and the website or webpage.

The general process of tracking conversions is similar irrespective of the tracking software or tool that you choose. Here’s the process we adopted while tracking conversion for one of

  • You decide which webpage you want to track. In casino sites, when someone completes the registration process, they will be greeted with a webpage that notifies the person that their registration is complete. This is the page you want to track to measure your site conversions. Every time a person is redirected to the ‘registration complete’ page, it implies that they have successfully created an account and your casino site has earned a customer.
  • *If you want to track conversions in terms of first deposits as well, you will need to choose the webpage that a user is redirected to when they complete their first deposit. *
  • Next, you enter the URL of the page you want to track (‘registration complete’ or ‘deposit successful’ page) on the tracking software. It will then generate a unique conversion tracking code.
  • Finally, you enter the tracking code in the body section of the script of your casino site’s WordPress theme.

We’ll further explain how to follow these steps on each of the popular tracking tools one by one.

Best Conversion Tracking Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular tool used by many website owners to measure all sorts of metrics and figures. To track conversions for your casino website with Google Analytics, follow these simple steps:

  • Set up Google Analytics on your device and create your account.
  • Head over to the Conversions menu, click on Goals, and then on Goal URLs. The goal setup page will show up on your screen where you click on the Set Up Goals button.
  • Next, a list of options will be displayed on your screen. Since you want to measure the number of users who create an account on your casino site, so you have to click Create An Account option.
  • On the next interface, you enter the URL of the registration completion webpage in the Destination box. After that, just click Save button and you’re all set.

Google Ads

As the name suggests, Google Ads mainly tracks the number of visitors who land on your sites from banner ads or search engine ads. Here are the steps to track conversions for your casino site using Google Ads.

  • Set up your Google Ads account. Then in the home interface, click the Tools and Settings option in the top navigation bar. A drop-down menu will appear where you click Measurement and then Conversions.
  • On the conversion interface, click the Website option. When setting up the conversion tracker, the first step is to Create An Action. At the top, you will see the Category section with a drop-down box containing different options from which you have to choose Sign-up.
  • The second step is to Set Up The Tag and this interface displays three options. We recommend choosing the Email The Tag option.
  • Once you receive the conversion tracking tag in your email, the last step is to copy it and paste it in the code/script of your website’s WordPress theme.

Twitter Website Tag

If your casino site has an official Twitter handle, you can use the analytical tool provided by the social media platform to track conversions.

  • Visit and log in with the official Twitter account for your online casino.
  • On the top navigation bar, click Tools > Conversion Tracking.
  • In the Conversion Tracking page, you will instantly find the Generate Website Tag For Conversion Tracking Button. Click it.
  • The next page will display the website tag on the screen. Just copy the tag and paste it in your website’s WordPress theme code.


These are the simplest methods to instantly get started with conversion tracking for your casino website. As you can see, all three tools have a self-explanatory interface for measuring website conversions. They are very easy to use and you don’t need much technical expertise.

Of course, these are not the only options for tracking conversions and there are many other tools such as Facebook Conversion Pixel and different tracking plugins for WordPress. But if you are new to conversion tracking, the three tools we have mentioned above are most suitable.

We hope that these instructions will enable to you quickly set up conversion tracking for your site and use the subsequent information to make better marketing plans so that you can draw even more users to your online casino.