WordPress web development has made lots of things easier. Right from designing your website to publishing content — everything can be made with just a few clicks. While you don’t necessarily need programming knowledge to get around with WordPress, having a technical genius on board could prove to be helpful for many different reasons. 

WordPress is the biggest content management system out there with more than 50 thousand plugins and 30 thousand themes. It has a vast consumer base and an equally large developers’ community. 

Hiring good WordPress developers for your project will ensure you have a high-quality bug-free website that stays on top of performance. You don’t have to fear getting stuck at a technical problem and can be assured of timely updates and reach. 

A WordPress developer can also offer better insights into making your site more attuned for better revenue. Plugins, themes, and core WordPress also get updated regularly.  Having an experienced developer will help you to keep your website up to date with all advanced features in WordPress. 

Whether hiring for a full-time team member or a freelancer for a specific task, you need to be extra careful to pick the right talent. Here is a simple guide to help you find a WordPress developer. 

Know Who Is A WordPress Developer

If you are indeed keen on hiring a WordPress specialist, you should be very clear about it in your job posts. There are thousands of web developers who might lack the experience in the WordPress platform. 

A WordPress developer has to be specifically proficient with WordPress tools, techniques, and methods. Their expertise with WordPress should enable them to think like WordPress architects who can come up with better plans to implement and integrate solutions with WordPress. 

Their job is to suggest the best course of action to implement a task related to your WordPress site. Suggestions such as:

  • Recommended plugins
  • Templates
  • Design layouts and themes
  • Customization with coding and design work
  • Best ways to minimize costs and development time


You don’t want a novice to play around your website only to keep delaying the deliveries. When you put your hard-earned money on something, make sure it is well-spent. Don’t risk hiring newbies for any urgent tasks. We recommend you to assess the web developer’s portfolio and hire them only if they satisfy the experience level that matches with the job in hand

Communication Skills

This is a no brainer. You need to be able to communicate comfortably and make sure both you and the developer could understand the requirements properly. This calls for excellent communication skills in both formal and informal levels. Pay attention to their emails, documentation, and requirement gathering skills to see if they can communicate well within your team. 

Openness To Discussion

A developer who is hesitant to talk about their doubts and disagreements will be hard to work with. You need to ensure both of you are on the same page, and this requires a healthy discussion. 

A person who says yes to every suggestion and has no questions is actually more problematic than someone willing to cite their opinion actively. But on the other hand, being apprehensive of discussions and being stubborn on their point of view can also be a tad difficult to work with. Make sure the developer is open to discussions and Feels free to talk about any disagreements. 

See If They Can Accomplish Your Task

The best way to know if a WordPress developer is as capable as they claim to be is to ask them. Present your task and ask them if it can be done. If the answer is something like, ‘it can’t be done using WordPress,’ you have to skip to the next person. 

WordPress has got enough plugins and themes to carry out any desired task. If in the rare case, it is not possible to do so, the developer should be able to give you the right reasons for it. Otherwise, a more experienced developer will provide you with a realistic reply that it can be done and cite the necessary and resources that would be needed. 

A developer could be proficient in theme design and lacks experience in e-commerce development. If your task relates more to e-commerce functions, maybe this particular person is not the right fit. It is better to sort out it first and pick the appropriate talent that fits your needs. 

Get Proper Estimates

A good WordPress developer should be able to give you a proper action plan as to how they can solve your problem. Be it the plugins they intend to use or the working hours it will take. If they give vague answers, it shows their ignorance and lack of knowledge. Get details on the tool, plugins related license fees, cost, and a time estimate required to complete the task.

Alternative Options

See if your WordPress developer can offer any alternative options to carry out the tasks you require. If they can come up with a better way or functionality to achieve your needs, they can be a good pick. 

Assess Skills 

One way to assess the skills of a prospective hire is to take them through a review process with the help of professionals. If you are not proficient in the technical aspect of the job, you can seek advice from consultants who can do it for you. Some ways to assess the skills of a candidate are:

  • Professional review on the resume, communication skills, and experience with WordPress development.  
  • Technical exams
  • Behavioral interview
  • Coding tests

Look For Talents In The Right Places

The most obvious thing to do when you start searching for a new hire is to post WordPress developers job in job portals. As for WordPress developers, there are specific job boards that can guarantee a better reach for your posts. 

You can start with the internal job board place provided by WordPress itself. The WordPress official job board is a community maintained job board where you can post your jobs for free. But the downside is that you have little information on the credentials of a job seeker and cannot have guaranteed delivery of work. 

For added service such as verified profiles and assured work completion, you may have to choose a full-fledged freelancing platform. 

Some more reliable portals where you can post WordPress freelancer jobs are:

  • Upwork.com
  • Wpcurve.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Designcrowd.com
  • WpHired.com
  • 99designs.com
  • Codeable.io
  • Toptal.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Dribble.com
  • Guru.com
  • Stack Overflow careers
  • Mode effect

Most of these portals have both paid or free services to let you post a job and link you with possible hires. Some of them also provide provisions to conduct interviews, carry out the payment process, project progress tracking, and review systems to get the best talents to work on your project. You can select the portal depending on your needs and budget constraints. 

Some other ways to look for WordPress developers would be:

  • Asking for references
  • Hiring through development agencies
  • Special staffing sites

The Wrap Up

As you can see, hiring a WordPress developer is not tough. All you need to do is follow the tips that we mentioned above, and you are all set. 

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.