To get you to your answers first you have to understand the basic concepts that will help build a better understanding. So let’s begin from scratch!

What Is An Accessible Website? 

A website developed using the proper tools, designs, and codes that enable physically disabled people to interact as well is known as an accessible website. Take a look at Slot games online to check how an accessible site really looks like. 

It is now a great time to put forward the words of Tim Burner Lee director of world wide web as he says that:

         “The power of a web is in its universality. Access by anyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

If people around the world find it easy to interact with your site irrespective of their hardware, software, or language then kudos to you as you because you are having an accessible site.

According to the World Wide Web Consortium, your website is an accessibility website if anyone can:

  • Contribute to web
  • Perceive, Navigate, and interact with the web.

If your website is accessible then you are able to propagate your business at a larger scale along with benefitting people who are devoid of perks in the physical world.

It would be important to put here that accessibility does not merely entertain disabled people but also one belonging to rural areas as well.

Do I Need To Make My Website Accessible?

Yes, you need to make your website accessible. But Why?

Let me ask you a question to make it easy. Do you want all types of people to know about your business? Your answer would be a big YES. And to do so you have to make your website accessible. 

If you make your website accessible you will be having an improvement in user experience and you will win user trust which is way much important for your business to grow.

In many scenarios, you have to make your website accessible as it is required by law.

How To Make Your Website More Accessible?

It is a sensible option to make your business website accessible today. It makes sense that millions of users with disabilities can reach you if your website is accessible. It is the right option to grow your business reach.

So there are many steps you are required to ensure before you reach an accessible website. Let’s have a look at them!

Start Using Accessibility Ready Themes

To be a webmaster you have to go through a long tiresome journey. To reach heights you have to ensure you are using the right themes for your website.

Sometimes you end up picking a theme that does not match your interest and start creating difficulties for users to interact with the web. It is for sure a worrisome thing but you can replace them with accessibility-ready themes.

Those themes match the minimal requirements that range from color contrast to multimedia and text settings. If you are using accessibility-ready themes you are on the right path.

So go out and pick accessibility-ready themes to enhance business and help impaired people.

Add Images With Alt Text

Visuals say the most that words sometimes can not convey. But visually impaired people are not fortunate enough to see them.

So images can be accessibility barriers to blind people or those having low vision. In this case, relying on assistive technologies like screenreader and refreshable braille readers.

But neither of these can read images or image text! In this case, you have to use Alt Text to describe your images to visually impaired people. 

Make sure to describe the image as best as you can.

Add Keyboard Navigation

One of the greater challenges for visually impaired users is navigation. As they are unable to use a mouse for site browsing. Incorporating keyboard navigation will be the perfect solution. Braille keyboards will help them to access your site.

You have to ensure that all necessary elements are accessible like URLs, Dropdown menus, Dialog boxes, and CTAs. 

Use Of Descriptive URLs

Screen readers find it easy to read descriptive URLs with precision instead of short URLs.

With it, you must keep in mind that the thin font size of the site will end up creating problems for people having visual complications. Plus avoiding anchor texts anywhere on the screen will also help to give high readability.

Also, you must not add links to the images that can not support the Alt Text. Removing errors from time to time should be your priority and for this purpose, you also consider using a redirect tool.


If you are planning to build a mark in the market and compete for excellence then making your site accessible must be on your to-do list. So make your website accessible today!

Best Of Luck!