So, we are going to discuss a simple scenario where you are going through a website’s posts and suddenly you end up liking the font so much that you want to use the same font on your website. How do you find out the font though?

Let us just think about a time where we ended up liking a font from a particular webpage of Online Casino Informatie and at that time, we were still experimenting with our technical knowledge.

After about 2 days of working with the stuff, we finally found out a way to get to the font. Don’t judge us for the slow speed, it was an older and simpler time.

As we were wondering “what’s the font?”, we tried many different things but there were only a few that helped us and we are going to pass them along. Also, we have added a few simpler methods that we later found out.

The reason we are going through this is that we know how managing a website works. We know how you can get hung over a simple slider plugin or a simple font on a webpage, and that is why this blog comes out to help your cause.

You just need to make sure that the font that you are trying to find out is the one that will be suitable for your website too. The thing is, we don’t want you to do the hard yards for nothing.

Why would you need to find a font?

So, you have never come across a time when you asked yourself the question after looking at a website that “what the font is on this page?”? Well, we are sure that it happens when you are managing your own WordPress website too.

That usually happens when you are just going through some website and it has a wow font. Even if you have your own WordPress themes that have all the great fonts, you might still want that particular font.

Also, there might be too many fonts with your WordPress theme and you might not know what the name of the font is that you ended up admiring. That is when you will want to know the name of the font that you liked on that particular website.

It can happen to anyone and everyone. We wanted to find out the font even though we had a perfectly fine website, and that can also be the case for you.

You can just be going through a website and end up liking a font way more than you think you would. Now, website design norms are something that doesn’t really weigh in the other options available when a particular has suited your aesthetic.

In such times, you would not require a better website, a better theme, or a better font variety. You will be thinking about that font on your website. Did we exaggerate it here? Well, this was the case for us anyway.

Finding the right font

We have three main ways that can help you find the font you find on any website. There is a basic way and there are a few tools that can even help you get the font recognized off an image. Let’s roll then?

1. Inspect the webpage

The simplest yet the toughest way to find out the font you like on the website would be to inspect the webpage as a whole. To do so, just right-click on your mouse or trackpad and click on inspect.

You can use Ctrl+Shift+I for this as well if you are using a Windows or a Linux OS. In case you are on a Mac OS, you can press Cmd+Shift+I to inspect the webpage elements.

After that, go to the text with the font that you want to know and hover your mouse over it. The code for it will get highlighted in the inspect bar. 

After that click on the computed tab and look for the font family. There you have the font for your website now! And most of these fonts are compatible with all free WordPress themes as well.

2. Use browser extensions

There’s another easier way to find out the font. You can use a font finder to help you with that. One type of those font finder is a browser extension.

There are a lot of such browser extensions but we are going to suggest the finest of them to you. Have you heard of something called WhatFont? Let’s find out!


With WhatFont, you just need to install it on your web browser. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer. Once installed on your browser as an extension, it allows you to find the font of the text that you hover over with it turned on.

Moreover, upon clicking, you can also find out the weight, size, and line-height for that text. If you need to exit it, you just need to press the Exit WhatFont button.

3. Detecting Font in images

If you see an image with some text, you cannot really find out the font with a plugin or with the inspect method as they only look at the HTML code and not on the vectors of the image.

There are special plugins that can help you recognize the font out of an image and those are usually rare to find. We do have WhatTheFont for you.

It allows you to upload the image with the font to the server and then select the area with the font that needs to be identified. Once you have done that, it identifies that font for you.


These simple ways to find out the font can help you get to the font that you end up liking instantly while going through a website. Not a bad thing to have at all. Is it?