A set of techniques designed to improve your site’s conversion rate and turn your visitors to customers by allowing them to do what you require is known as CRO.

The piece of lines mentioned above drives you to have some good idea of what CRO is. But still, there are terms that you require to understand to have detailed information on what CRO is.

When a visitor acts on your site, then it is termed as conversion. Action is a term used when a visitor performs any activity you want him to perform, such as following your social media handles.

Conversion rate is now a mathematical formula as you get to know it when the number of visitors who convert is divided by the total number of visitors on your site and then multiplied by 100.

Know what? Your Conversion Rates depend on your website a lot, making your chosen themes of utmost importance. Have you chosen the right WordPress theme, though?

Points To Remember

Having a much higher percentage of traffic sounds pleasing, but the real thing to look over there is the conversion rate. If you have a lower conversion rate, then sadly, you are not going well. So you have to get a reasonable conversion rate for a business to grow.

Speel Auto Maten Gratis had been trying to raise their revenues, but it all came down to correcting their CRO preferences, and since then, they have grown beyond expectations.

How do I get reasonable conversion rates? Well, this is a question about which everyone seems concerned. You have to follow a simple step, and that is, you have to start thinking like a visitor to your site. You will end up knowing the desired action you want your visitor to take.

Gaining a customer is as crucial as retaining a customer. Because if you lose to do so, you will find yourself following the long method to have a new one. You must have an excellent retaining rate to run the site perfectly. 

CRO is an evolutionary process, just like SEO. You have to familiarise yourself with the ever-changing trends to meet the requirements of visitors.

So if you are well aware of customer behavior, know your target traffic, and read your user well, you are more likely to achieve your dream conversion rates and retention rates.

Why Do We Need CRO?

Making most of your little traffic may seem a bit difficult task, but it isn’t as difficult now as you need a CRO today to make it happen.

As explained above, the conversion rates matter more than the traffic percentage on your website to earn good revenue. 

Quality makes your visitors be customers, so maintaining the site quality is as essential as preserving quality traffic than quantity traffic. You have to pursue quality, and in that case, you have a win-win situation with CRO.So if you want to make the most out of your little traffic, then you need CRO.

CRO entertains you by taking your conversion rate to a new magical high from even low traffic, and also, you do not have to pay more for more traffic percentage on your site with CRO. 

Also, CRO has long-term fruitful results for your site, but you are required to make improvements from time to time by understanding your customers’ ever changing needs. With data-driven research, you know about your target traffic, and they are most likely to convert.

Once CRO is in place, you will get to see the encouraging results and get yourself landed in a win-win scenario.

CRO Process On WordPress

It is beyond doubt that WordPress is listed amongst one of the high potential and flexible platforms for managing content, which makes it perfect for carrying out CRO.

Below we have outlined the steps that you must need to go through. 

Identify The Page You Need To Optimise

There are specific targets that every website has to achieve, whether it be marketing, news, entertainment, or any other. You have to identify the page you need to optimize carefully. 

 You have to make a good selection because you must choose the page that meets your target criteria, or else you won’t be able to see the magic results.

It sounds effortless, but it is a daunting task, so no need to rush!

Identify The Problems

Still not getting to required conversion rates? No need to worry! Just calmly check for the problems. After selecting a page, you can face problems and identify them as soon as possible.

Once you have caught the problem, the next thing is to devise a remedy. In WordPress CRO, you name the remedy as Split Testing.

Devise the two different best possible solutions for the problem and test run to see which bears good results!

Devise Solution To Problems

When you are done identifying the problem, you have to come up with a solution and implementation of the solution. 

You need to make sure that you are looking for the right way to work out the perfect way to cater to the users’ needs and desires.

Research And Repeat

CRO is a data-driven process. You have to keenly read for the things that keep visitors away to become customers and bring changes from time to time. AND do it repeatedly for the best results.

WordPress Plugins For CRO 

If you are looking for the magic and the best conversion rate for your site, it would be fruitful to use WordPress Plugins for CRO. Make sure you choose a plugin that goes well with your WordPress theme, though!

WordPress plugins are used widely by leading sites to achieve desired conversion rates. Few that are counted best in the market are :

1.MailChip Integration


3.Simple Page Tester

A Final Word

CRO in WordPress sites is worth using. You can improve user experience as well as get your site working much better than ever.