WordPress is the first solution that strikes your mind when you think of building a website without any coding. And why not? It’s open-source, hence free with a strong community behind it. You can extend its existing features using plugins and build about just any type of website you want at an affordable cost. 

If you’re looking to set up your own casino website, then you need to select a reliable hosting provider. In this article, we’ll explain the process of choosing the best hosting for online casino.

Types of WordPress Hosting

Before choosing a WordPress host, you must learn about various hosting types available for your WordPress website. Each type serves a different purpose. Therefore, you should pick a hosting type depending on your website needs.

There are four types of WordPress hosting. Those are:

Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of WP hosting used mainly by small websites. Because small websites do not receive much traffic, they can share the server resources and other websites. The main advantage is cost reduction, and you can get relatively cheap hosting for your casino website. Therefore, if you’re just getting started and don’t expect huge traffic anytime soon, then shared hosting might be perfect for you.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The next type of hosting you’re going to come across is managed hosting. In this type, the hosting provider offers you a platform where WordPress software and its dependencies are managed for you. 

So, you don’t have to spend much time configuring your hosting. Managed hosting is also superior in performance compared to shared hosting. Security is equally enhanced, and you’ll get dedicated, prompt support, both of which are not available in shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

If you want to control your hosting environment, then Virtual Private Servers are an ideal choice. You get to decide what scripts and software you want to install. This can be anything ranging from affiliate tracking software to payment scripts and other casino software.

Likewise, configuring and managing requires much more technical expertise than shared or managed hosting. VPS also offers a high level of security, reliability and can handle lots of incoming traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated WordPress servers, you can launch multiple casino websites and even lease to other websites. You’re in complete control of your servers, and you can expect a high level of performance even in case of high traffic. This type of hosting requires deep technical know-how and troubleshooting skills.

When deciding between the hosting types, you should first determine the amount of traffic you’re going to receive, the technical expertise you possess, and the budget. Each hosting type varies by these three metrics.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Now that you’re aware of the hosting type you want to own, it’s time to pick the right hosting provider for your casino website. All the hosting providers offer the four types. So, comparing the hosting types side-by-side becomes even easier. 

Based on our research and experience in the casino industry, here are the best WordPress hosting solution we’d recommend for your casino website:


Once in a while, you must have come across HostGator and its offers. Back in the days, its ads were all over the internet. HostGator is one of the oldest hosting providers that currently serves over 8 million websites across all niche.

It was HostGator that pioneered one-click WP installation and 99.9% uptime. Therefore, your casino website will be available to the users all the time. With the one-click WordPress installation, you can have your website up and running. Boasting of low cost, instant support to all of its users in case of any WordPress errors, and a wide range of hosting solutions, HostGator should be your preferred hosting solution.


In the WordPress community, specifically, SiteGround is highly rated for its services. The company specializes in WordPress optimization and security. The result is your casino website created with WP will be fast and secure.

Besides that, you’ll also be receiving important items like CDN, GIT control, WP caching, SSL certificate, and free upgrades. Thus, you’ll have a complete WordPress website at your disposal if you choose SiteGround as your hosting provider.

SiteGround has an in-house managed WordPress hosting team that prepares the managed WP hosting for you. The price might be relatively expensive for your casino website, but it’s going to be worth it.


GoDaddy is a household name these days known for its state-of-the-art hosting solutions. It specializes not only in WordPress but Joomla, Magento, VPS, Linux, Windows, and Email hosting as well. Therefore, GoDaddy is a one-stop solution for all of your hosting needs.

For setting up your casino website at GoDaddy, you can opt for shared hosting, which is very cheap. This can serve 20000 monthly visitors and offer you 30 GB of storage space. Then once you scale your marketing activities, you can upgrade to a higher plan. 

The company promises a highly reliable performance for your website and a 24/7 support.


One of the oldest players in the hosting industry is BlueHost. It has been in the business for nearly two decades. Over the years, it has evolved into a complete hosting solutions provider, thus competing directly with GoDaddy.

While you can get started with a basic plan, but if your casino website requirements are complex and demanding, you can choose its WP Pro plan capable of coping with short term spikes and high traffic. Thus, your website is never down, no matter what. It also copes well with multiple plugins installed.

From time to time, you can get a free domain if you choose BlueHost. Therefore, keep your eyes open to it.


If cost is your main concern, then Namecheap is the WordPress hosting solution for you. The company focuses mainly on cheap domain name registration, but you can also get WordPress hosting, which is equally competitive in pricing.

You can get started with as low as $1, for which you’ll get 10 GB of storage space. One-click WP installation ensures your casino website is up and running within 90 seconds. If you bundle up domain registration, WP hosting, and Email hosting, you should expect to pay less overall.

EasyWP, its in-house managed WordPress hosting solution, finds pride in providing one of the fastest hosting in the industry. Loading time is less than a second at 0.7 seconds, and for the first byte is 192 milliseconds.

From Namecheap, you can also get services like CDN, Logo Maker, Business Card Maker, ID Validation, and Subscription, if you ever need them. All of these will ensure your casino website is easy to work with.

Wrapping Up

Running a casino website is profitable and rewarding in the long run. But everything starts with a domain, hosting, and useful content. Therefore, it’s really important to get these three things right from the very start. All of the above recommended hosting solutions should meet your needs. So get started with your dream casino website today!