Best UI/UX Design Course And Bootcamps Available Online In 2020

UX and UI design are all about creating an excellent digital experience. A UX/UI designer need not necessarily have the programming knowledge to get the job done. But they do need to know the basics of design and human-computer interaction principles.  A keen interest and motivation towards human-centric design and usability, along with the right […]

How To Find A Great WordPress Developer For Your Project

WordPress web development has made lots of things easier. Right from designing your website to publishing content — everything can be made with just a few clicks. While you don’t necessarily need programming knowledge to get around with WordPress, having a technical genius on board could prove to be helpful for many different reasons.  WordPress […]

Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants for WordPress

In the wake of this pandemic, the world is looking to transition into a digitally adapted encore. This applies to restaurant businesses too with many of them choosing online ordering systems to make up for the losses. With the world economy moving towards a recession and regression, businesses have been hit hard. Among all those […]

How to fix a 502 bad gateway error in WordPress?

Handling a WordPress website comes with a lot of responsibility and that corresponds to managing the website and upholding its standards. Of all the errors you might face, a 502 bad gateway error can be a nuisance. A WordPress site is not just content laid out on a page, it is more of complex and […]

How to Export and Import Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress

If you have used WordPress, you are probably familiar with how hard it is for a beginner to grasp on the robust procedure one has to go through for doing a simple task.  Since its inception, WordPress has been powered by the TinyMCE editor. The development of WordPress is usually slow and gradual. Some of […]

What is Bounce Rate And How To Lower It?

What is the most important thing when running a website? Getting more website traffic. But there are times when visitors come to the website and simply leave without converting.  So, what is bounce rate? This percentage of users that leave without performing any desired action is called the bounce rate.  According to a recent study, […]

How To Track Conversions For Your Casino Website On WordPress

Tracking website traffic and conversion rates are essential for every website owner. It gives you clear insights about how well your website is performing in terms of drawing in more customers.  In today’s post, we’ll briefly explain what conversion is, the importance of conversion tracking specifically for online casino websites, and most importantly, explain the […]

How to Set Up a free or premium Business Email Address?

Do you know what makes a business email address an important thing? The fact that it is a little thing that has a big impact on the image of your business on potential customers. It is one of those little things that prove your business’ authenticity and brand stature. You are sending your potential customer […]

Moving from JetPack to another Email Marketing Service

Many of our clients have come to us asking about moving from JetPack to another email marketing platform. There are multiple reasons behind this choice that people often make. JetPack is basically a multipurpose and multidimensional tool for WordPress that performs a number of tasks and operability enhancements to your website. It is basically meant […]