How To Boost Your Site Performance On WordPress

WordPress is one true fountain of wealth when it comes to plugins and resources to help you enhance the look and feel as well as the site performance. Your website should be loading at lightning speed if it needs the visitors to stay on and interact. The competition on the internet can be fierce and […]

10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress in 2020

WordPress, an open-source Content Management System, launched its version 5.0 on 6th December 2018. This also marked the launch of the new block-based editor known as ‘Gutenberg’. Since WordPress was officially introduced to the world in 2003, its visual editor wasn’t upgraded substantially when compared to other content development tools such as Ghost or Medium. […]

15+ Best WooCommerce themes for 2020

WooCommerce themes are the most sought after ones online, courtesy WordPress eCommerce. If you own an online store, you want a WordPress theme that goes perfectly with your online store preferences. Now, if you are preferring WooCommerce, you will definitely want themes that go hand in hand with it. In such a scenario, WooCommerce compatibility […]

25 Best WordPress themes for 2020

Have you been looking for the best WordPress themes lately? We know that can be a tough task. It is a tiresome task to look through thousands and thousands of themes for different business niches and then choosing one of them. The favorites are usually ‘free WordPress themes’, ‘responsive WordPress themes’, and ‘compatibility enriched themes’. […]

How to Make a Site on WordPress

A report revealed that WordPress was the most commonly used content management system in 2019, powering around 52% of websites. It is followed by Wix, Joomla, SquareSpace, and Weebly. Rightly so because WordPress offers a range of advantages to its users. It is completely free and one of the easiest platforms to work with. What’s […]

15 Best WordPress portfolio themes 2020

Portfolio themes become somewhat a necessity if you are looking forward to attracting more clientele. It is found that personal portfolios present the brand with farther more authenticity than any other mode of branding. How do you go about your business whilst you look for the most suitable WordPress theme for your portfolio? Do you […]

Best SEO Plugins and services for WordPress websites

Search Engine Optimization is somewhat pivotal to your business. How? It all comes down to your chosen SEO plugins for WordPress websites, your efficiency and the way you plan out things in addition to how it all pans out. Although you might look at other aspects of your business way more than SEO, but still […]

Best affiliate websites & services for 2020

One of the niches that brings about way more revenue than others is owning one of the best affiliate websites. It is highly profitable and relatively simpler. You can focus on a few things and you are sure of good results coming your way. In all the previous years, affiliate businesses have earned a huge […]

The 6 Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

No matter what type of website you operate, you will (hopefully) have at least some mobile traffic. Mobile actually accounts for the majority of traffic. 49% of all traffic worldwide is through smartphones, while 47% goes to desktop and 4% to tablets. If you aim to get as much valuable traffic as possible to your […]

Best page builder plugins for WordPress

Page builder plugins for WordPress are your easy to traverse passage to own a great, working website. These great tools enable you to do a lot that might seem way difficult than they are. Drag, drop, click and find your way through the tough ask of building a website. Why page builder plugins? The answer […]