Search Engine Optimization is somewhat pivotal to your business. How? It all comes down to your chosen SEO plugins for WordPress websites, your efficiency and the way you plan out things in addition to how it all pans out.

Although you might look at other aspects of your business way more than SEO, but still it has a pivotal importance. SEO is usually the basis on which any online business propels to success.

If you are not well aware of how things go with SEO, you are missing out on a lot. Whenever we talk about online businesses, we talk about the need of being discovered and being found out!

If you are not discovered and viewed on web, you are not even in contention. The best thing about SEO is that you can add it to your arsenal at any time, and still find it wonderfully capable of turning the tables.

Why SEO?

The question would sound rhetorical in essence to those who are relevant to online businesses and digital marketing. Yet, it is valid in all its entirety. You must know why you are opting for a certain part of online business and what good it may bring.

Search Engine Optimization is what gives you the opportunity of being discovered and known as a business. If you are not going with SEO, you might have to opt for paid ads or wait for people to find your website as they scroll through the web.

As an example from the common world, SEO would be your business demographics and visibility. Best SEO tools would be the word of mouth or the consideration of your business among the niche that someone is interested in.

Consider a scenario where you have a business and your shop is located, not in the downtown, but in a crooked corner of the town. Moreover, add the fact that the potent customer has to walk through a creepy hallway and a narrow gallery to reach the shop.

How many people will do that? Rarely would you see new people come to you. The same goes for online business. You might have branded traffic without SEO, but finding new customers might be a little tougher than that.

How does WordPress SEO work?

If you own a WordPress website or a business, you are going to find this useful. WordPress is a place that gives every business owner a platform to host their websites and do business.

However, online business demands you to be provocative. You always have to do far more than that. Discoverability is one thing that brings to you the bulk of your traffic and eventually revenue.

As for how this all works, you have to focus on the dynamics here. The web has probably Billions of websites or even more. There are relevant sites and irrelevant sites. There are business and there are spams too.

No one can dictate the value of these sites without their content being judged. How does a search engine judge your content then? It all comes down to the keywords and the content methodology.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress websites

Whenever you are starting on SEO, you would definitely require guidance. You would want WordPress SEO tips, a list of great SEO WordPress plugins, a few best free SEO tools and the methodology that could help you use them better.

Search Engine Optimization is not just a technical part of your business. It is also a test of your understanding of your business niche and your target audience. If you know the two well, you can always ace SEO with the right bit of guidance.

Although the web may have thousands of SEO plugins for WordPress website, we have narrowed it down to only the best ones. You can scroll through the list and choose the one that caters to your needs.


Rankchecker is somewhat of a prototype yet comprehensive service. One of the simpler and free SEO services that you will find on the internet. It gives you the standing of your website on different search consoles relative to a certain keyword.

Simple service with nothing much in name of configuration or management. You don’t even need to be a tech wizard to use it and deploy it for your business acceleration.

You can focus on some aspects of pivotal importance while you work with Rankchecker including keywords and competition analysis.

It can be your best choice if you do not want much hassle in the name of keywords and SEO. It is simple, it is easily operable and does not require much effort. And you know the best part? It is free.

A free service that helps you to make your SEO better and directed to performance enhancement is there in RankChecker. Moreover, the team has announced many more features to come in the future. They say, stay tuned for more to come!

Yoast SEO

Yoast comes with two choices. You can choose the free Yoast service or go for the Yoast Premium. Both have their respective pros that might interest you and help you decide.

Yoast is a full fledge SEO tool that helps you keep a check on keyword ranking, keyword suggestions, synonyms and previews, content duplication and comes with a support feature in the Premium package.

Yoast offers you a wide variety of functionalities that you may bring to benefit, including but not limited to:

  • Keyword density analysis
  • Page optimization score and scaling
  • Keyword placement and usage frequency
  • Optimization for Title, Headings and content to suit your keyword
  • Keyword rank and comparison
  • Readability analysis and General readability score
  • Inclusion and exclusion choice of indexing and non-indexed content
  • Creation of titles and meta description in templates
  • Site and page verification with Webmaster tools
  • XML sitemap creation and much more

Thereby, Yoast covers most aspects of what you or your business may require with Search Engine Optimization. The most valuable aspect in Yoast would be the readability analysis that helps you tailor the content as required live.


Want to go head to head with your competition and know where you stand? Ahrefs is your best bet. You can check your won keyword standing against the keywords of your competitors and so on.

Ahref provides you with a wide range of compatibility options for page optimization, on-page SEO and a keen comparative analysis of keyword frequency, placement and ranking.

For instance, if you are a casino site, you need to write about casinos and betting and gambling and blackjacks to be found. Your content has to be SEO optimized and readability checked. You need Ahref just like gambling expert NJ.

Google Search Console

Among the simplest Google SEO tools is the Google Search console. It gives you the opportunity to know your standings as in competition to others. Moreover, you can know where you stand on search engines.

If you are more inclined towards giving Google users a taste of your website, you must go for Google Search Console. The tool basically aligns with all the features of Google Search engine, thus solving your SEO troubles.

With easy usage and operability enhancement, the tool also comes with a dynamic interface compatible with most features you would wish for in an SEO tool.

Use Google Search Console and be sure that you are not lagging behind on Google Searches at least.

All in one SEO Pack

With over 50 Million downloads for WordPress as of today, this plugin is nothing new, and still up to date and running way better than many. With All in one, you can have every aspect of SEO for free.

With All in one SEO pack, cometh a lot of other operable features that make it a great choice. It allows you to

  • Edit any type of robot.txt files on a friendlier interface
  • Edit all sorts of .htaccess files without the need of FTP
  • Get rid of bad bots and referral spam
  • Auto-generate meta descriptions

Being open source and yet covering support, SEO rankings, competition and even notifying of keyword changes to search engines, this is one of the most complete SEO plugins you may find.


SEOPress is another open source SEO Plugin that brings multiple pro features for free. It has a great amount of compatibility and functionality that you may require in addition to being easily operable.

The tool allows the creation and editing of meta description in a dynamic and auto-generated feature along with a detailed and comprehensive readability and SEO optimization for every page on your website.

Comes with dynamic features for meta description and key phrases, SEOPress solves most of your problems relative to SEO.

SEM Rush

SEMRush is a multipurpose and multifactor SEO and SEM plugin that aids and enables you to carry out your Search Engine Optimization and Marketing in a smooth way.

SEMRush not only gives you a global ranking but also a local comparison and geographic keyword analysis. This helps you narrow down your targeted audience and plan accordingly.

Moreover, SEMRush allows you to compare and cross-analyse the keywords and keyword rankings for different posts and pages on your site for your ease towards marking beneficial keywords and demographics.

It comes with competition analyses, keyword ranking, predictions and suggestions, in addition, to support for Premium usage. All in one too!


If you are looking for a formidable service for your SEO, think of going with RankMath. It not only serves the purpose of finding and fixing your keyword issues, moreover it gives you a detailed analysis of your keyword standings too.

RankMath comes with a 404 error monitor, keyword comparison, Google search console optimization and integration, 5 types of page redirections and the added benefit of rich snippet markers (14 different types to be accurate).

You can have tech support for issues along with competition analysis and keyword standings for search engines with RankMath.

What next?

All you need to do now is to choose from these SEO Plugins for WordPress websites and get ahead of the business curve in good time. Ace the SEO, ace the business!