Page builder plugins for WordPress are your easy to traverse passage to own a great, working website. These great tools enable you to do a lot that might seem way difficult than they are. Drag, drop, click and find your way through the tough ask of building a website.

Why page builder plugins? The answer would first need you to look over and answer a few important questions. Do you have enough time to focus on just one task, that being the creation of the website? Have you got enough resources, both in workforce and in bucks to dedicate a developer to the nurturing of a website? Can you afford to give the time for a website to be completely coded and designed? Definitely, No would be the most sensible answer. You could definitely use something that could get you over these hurdles without the fuss.

Coming to what can help you here, you should go back to the topic or to the introductory phrase. We definitely started with page builder plugins for WordPress, didn’t we? You can consider these WP page builder plugins to be the Robin to your Batman. As a business owner, you already have a lot on your shoulders and the added difficulty of deciding what elements to add, what design to choose and what functionalities to use on your site do not help the cause.

WordPress page builders take you out of this particular hassle. You can construct a website from scratch, be it a blog or even the best WordPress store, you can do it without any hassle or difficulty with WP page builder plugins.

Functionalities of WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Ever heard of drag and drop? Creating a website or more popularly, website construction can be easy as that with WP page builders. Page builder plugins for WordPress are the magic tools that enable every business owner to create, modify and maintain their website without the investment of separate resources, loads of time or developing skills.

Among a number of great functions, you can choose from a huge range of pre-existing elements and options. The elements available on hand range from text boxes to buttons, CTAs, dividers, contact forms and sections.

Want anything to be done or to happen on your website, want a feature to exist on your site? You can! With these WP page builders, you can add a simple button on a page leading to a dynamic contact form on some other page. This loop of functions then terminates with the main page ending up as the final point after the successful submission of the contact form. Sounds complex?

It is totally true that at certain times, creating a website may be a tough ask. Even an experienced developer at times can find it tough to cope with due to the number of available elements and the vast amount of different codes that are associated with each of those elements. However, WP page builder plugins can take you out of this hassle and make these steps easy and quick for you to execute.

A large number of page builder plugins exist. They are mostly somewhat like an easy-to-use construction kit that has all the necessary tools that you may need to create your website. You can choose any one of those depending on what you need and the functionality that they may cater best. It is highly possible that you would find a perfectly tailored page builder plugin for your needs even if you want one that is unparalleled in working and free to use.

Gutenberg Editor


It was earlier a separate plugin, but it no longer is. Yet, it is listed in here. Reason being the function it serves and its recent easy-availability. Gutenberg editor now comes built-in with your WordPress. It, being an open source plugin, is linked to your WordPress website and you can create, manage, add or delete the elements on your website without the need of much developing skills.

It has to be the perfect WordPress page builder plugin for you if you are in search for something free, easy to use and highly compatible with all types of blog related sites.



Among WP page builder plugins highly compatible for blog, Elementor blogs belong to some other league. Elementor is compatible with most free WordPress themes and you can use it without the need of much dedicated time or resources.

This free plugin could be the perfect fit for you if you are aiming at the creation of a blog over WordPress. The Elementor blog page templates and the elements available inside the plugin are what make this plugin valuable and highly charismatic.

Comparative to most WordPress page builders, it is easier to use, translation ready and includes pre-built page templates to make it a clear choice. Moreover, its compatible functionality with a number of themes, ability of CSS customization and a completely responsive nature make it an unparalleled choice for your business. You can use any great theme with Elementor, iThemer Pro makes for one great example.

WP Bakery Page Builder


The WP Bakery page builder is a highly efficient plugin in WordPress that is compatible with a number of functionalities that you need to successfully create a handy website. Moreover, the added benefit of great tool kits, elements and functions that your website may require makes it a great choice if you are looking for something premium.

You definitely will love its functions and compatibility along with the features that allow you to integrate it with a number of applications related to ROIs and marketing tools.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder helps you in the creation of great WordPress websites, which are equally and perfectly responsive, both on desktops and on mobiles. Although the Beaver Builder does not have the translation feature but to make up for that, it has CSS customization, theme compatibility, a huge number of templates and easy operability that makes it a very fine choice.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

siteorigin page builder

Looking for a plugin that helps to create a responsive, grid-based page content? You need to look no further. Page Builder from SiteOrigin allows you to create seamless site experiences: pixel-perfect and suited to mobile devices. The features that it boasts make us all believe that Page Builder is a blogger’s best friend.


divi builder

With an arsenal that boasts a huge number of compatible themes and functionalities that include but are not limited to CSS customization, theme compatibility, built-in page templates and much more, Divi is somewhat the perfect page builder.

You can create, design and manage any website without a hitch with the help of Divi Builder. All this aided with the ease of access and use, make Divi the perfect choice for any business. Even if you are a novice, you can create a website that makes the jaw drop just like Online Gambling Guru if you got Divi.


There is a huge number of plugins out there on the web that may aid you to create and manage a website on the WordPress. We have listed the best ones out for you and with these, you are all set to have a great experience creating and managing a WordPress site.