In the wake of this pandemic, the world is looking to transition into a digitally adapted encore. This applies to restaurant businesses too with many of them choosing online ordering systems to make up for the losses.

With the world economy moving towards a recession and regression, businesses have been hit hard. Among all those affected, restaurants are one of the worst-hit.

With the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought upon restaurants, there is the dire need to adapt to changes for businesses related to the niche. Without the dining options, many restaurants might have lost the edge, but there are a few things that can be done to remedy the damages.

Losing customers to this pandemic-stricken time is acceptable, but doing nothing to make up for the losses is something that is your own fault. You need to digitize your business in order to make sure you are not being left out.

Even before the pandemic, major businesses had added the online ordering system to their services and now, it is more a necessity than an add-on. 

We recommend that you shift to an online interface too if you want to surprise.  Even with the finest cuisine on your menu, if you are not taking online orders and delivering, the future is not looking bright.

How does going digital help your restaurant?

With the world already going digital, it was already imperative for every business to create an online entity for the users to explore, access, and interact with.

The whole journey can be started by creating a WordPress website that you can use for your website. You must keep in mind that your website should be well suited to the food and dining niche if it has to work wonders.

For the perfect website, you need to make sure that you choose the perfect theme for your website and then make sure that your SEO is on spot to acquire more visitors.

Your customers will always prefer to place an order online than placing an order through a phone call. The option of contactless order and delivery is always better than using the call option.

Asking about why so? You have to make sure your customers are not stuck on the waiting list whilst trying to place an order through the call or end up canceling on the idea to order from you.

This is necessary because a restaurant business is reliant and dependent on customer reviews and public opinion. With people leaving even before placing an order, you are heading for a negative reputation rather than a good one.

Once you choose one of these restaurant online ordering systems, you can be sure that your customers are placing and processing their orders with ease.

You should get an online ordering WordPress tool to enable your customers to place an order online and pay for it. This is going to help you heaps with business reputation and all.

Great online delivery systems to choose from

When you are going to choose a restaurant ordering system, you need to make sure the tool has a few features that are really necessary for your restaurant business to work seamlessly online.

Online ordering for restaurants is an additional parameter that you need to ace when you are looking forward to giving your customers a great experience.

In addition to the food quality and service, you also need to ace the whole ordering and delivery process. We have got 4 great ordering systems for your restaurant right here.


As much as it seems to be a Chinese restaurant, it is one of the best online ordering systems that you will ever find all over the internet. It helps you manage orders perfectly without much to be done.

You get to have branded mobile applications with ChowNow for your restaurant that allows customers to order food from their mobile device applications.

Website ordering with ChowNow is easier, smoother, and smarter than ever. Your customers can order food from your menus, get to have the upsells and cross-sells, and choose between payment options and delivery options as well.

ChowNow tablet and dashboard allow you to streamline your production and management process. You can access your reports and dashboards related to your current and old orders and know where you stand.

In addition to all that, it also offers exquisite marketing services for your restaurant. You can choose an annual plan that gives you all these features for $119 per month.


Online Ordering System

You know you are choosing a great tool for your restaurant business when you can perform all of the onboarding processes within an hour. That explains how simple the tool is to use and process.

MenuDrive provides a simple and easy to use interface that allows your customers to place an order easily. It also provides the simplest control panel for you to customize your menu.

With MenuDrive, you can select your open hours, delivery options, locations, order types, minimum orders, maximum orders, etc. with its control panel that allows you to create an exquisite menu with its builder.

With MenuDrive, you can allow group orders, a choice between delivery, pickup, or curbside, customer segmentation, loyalty programs, and an automated email marketing option too.

You get the best functionalities with MenuDrive, but the only thing that you might not love about it is the slightly higher credit card transaction fee. Compared to the standards, it is set at 4.5 percent for MenuDrive.

Overall, MenuDrive is one tool that you cannot afford to miss out on if you are running a restaurant and you want to upscale everything with exquisite digital options and outreaches.


Online Ordering System

If you want to choose an ordering system for your restaurant that is economical, GloriaFood should be your choice. It is the only free tool on this list and still, it is one of the finest you will ever find anywhere.

You can create menus, upsells, cross-sells, set delivery times, delivery zones, and delivery options based on your preferences with GloriaFood. It also allows you to get customer reviews and create loyalty and reward programs.

It also allows you to take orders from Facebook directly. The Gloria Facebook integration allows you to take orders from your customers directly from your Facebook page.

All these functionalities match most of the other great options that you can have for a good online delivery system but it does not allow online payment in the free version. You can add the credit card payment option for 29 dollars a month.

All in all, still the best solution for your online ordering worries. It comes with a plugin that you can add to your website and create menus with drag and drop options. Perfect. Isn’t it?



Like every other ordering system, you get to have the menu building, the upsells and cross-sells, the emails, loyalty programs, payment integrations, and design options with Restolabs as well.

What makes RestoLabs a better option then? To be accurate, RestLab has got a few features up its sleeves that no other online ordering system has for now and that is why we recommend it highly.

It provides you with a POS integration that connects your offline and online sales on the front end as well as the backend allowing you to process orders, discounts, and vouchers without a hitch.

You also get to have Facebook ordering with Restolabs as it integrates your Facebook page to the ordering system and a payment gateway. Your customers can directly order food from your page without having to come to your website at all.

With its real-time analytics and multilingual support, you are going to love Restolabs as the choice for your online ordering system. The basic plan costs $49 and the premium is just $85. Perfect. Isn’t it?


Whichever tool you choose, you need to make sure that it fulfills all your requirements for an online ordering system and provides you with the edge you need in this pandemic stricken time.

Apart from that, make sure your website is well-suited to the niche and helps with the whole business construct.