When you are running a business online, WordPress Scheduling plugins can be of a great help. Got intimidated by the statement upfront? Let’s roll back and focus on why and how before we conclude that.

While you are dealing with an online business, there are certain possibilities that you might need to schedule certain things. Within the scope of that scheduling, the importance of the clientele schedules has a prominent edge over many other things.

The importance of scheduling becomes more important if you are a service-based organization; the clientele is always looking for a personal touch before they finalize on choosing your service. This poses a serious challenge to conventions and you would have a lot on hand if you were to go by the conventional methodologies.

Every service-based organization requires something, sort of an automation, for scheduling appointments and making sure nothing becomes chaotic or distorted due to even the most minor of human error or negligence.

WordPress sites give you an ease here with a number of WP scheduler plugins. These WordPress scheduling plugins enable your business to schedule appointments, reserve times, mark your calendar and even charge for an appointment. Sounds intriguing?

How do WordPress Scheduling Plugins help you?

As simple as the name suggests, they schedule appointments and bookings for your business when working in tandem with a WordPress site. Any WordPress schedule plugin simply links a calendar app, usually of your preference, to the element on your website that allows visitors to book an appointment.
Any user who opts for a consultation or some chunk of your time for a free demo or a paid appointment, is given a suitable time in collaboration with your calendar suitability and this frees you of the tensile of choosing a time, making sure you are not overlapping another appointment or making a choice that coincides with something else important.

WordPress scheduling and WP schedule plugins, thus make your life easier. You can sit back, serve and cater the needs of the clientele, persuade more people to choose you, and all that without the frequent worrying of making a mistake.

Let’s consider that you find the idea of having a WP schedule plugin intriguing and you are looking for one! Which one do you choose? There must be hundreds if not thousands of them out on the web. Worry no more! We have compiled for you a list of the best WordPress schedule plugins that would finely cater your needs as one of them has perfectly done it for Free Spins.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

One of the simplest and easy-to-operate scheduling plugin offered over WordPress is the WP simple booking calendar. As the name says, it functions as a simple booking plugin that marks your calendar for any appointments made.

It does not break down the appointments hourly, so you are yet in danger of overlapping appointments if you allow multiple appointments for a day. On a simpler note, it allows users to make appointments for the days you are available.

Need one talk a day, and no more? Want to keep things simple? You got your buddy!

SuperSaas – Online Appointment Scheduling

SuperSaas is a dynamic WordPress scheduling plugin that has loads of great features in it free and paid versions. It gives you a certain edge over other schedulers with the functionalities that it offers.

Visitors can schedule appointments in specific times and dates. Moreover, you can limit the appointments, manage the dates in future to which appointments can be made, set your availability, set a payment gateway, give away coupons, keep a track of customers and the payments made. It also gives you the edge of 28 different languages and multiple currencies for the payments. Isn’t this better than convention?

BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress is somewhat the best plugin for businesses that have to give appointments to customers frequently for selling the service. The plugin page lists spas, saloons and photographers in its frequent customers; this makes it the swift and thrifty scheduler you might want for simple scheduling.
Its premium feature, though, enables you to cancel appointments at any time, change bookings, color code certain bookings, autofill booking forms for recurring customers and even send out emails and customized confirmation messages.

Simple business, simple and straight-forward appointments, get this one!


A premium, costs you $46, WordPress scheduling plugin that may seem unattractive due to the bucks it costs, but makes up for it with the additional features it offers.
With Bookly, along with the standard booking and scheduling features, you get six-month support period that helps you to tackle any difficulty coming the way of you or your developers.

Also comes with the features that allow you to manage a five-step booking, multiple payment gateways, detailed payment reports, unlimited integrations and custom messaging. Breezy, isn’t it?

WP Booking Calendar

Multi-functional, multi-tasking and multi-role scheduling plugin that aids you to manage, confirm, delete and reschedule bookings along with the added functionalities of payment gateways and several attractive email templates for confirmation emails.

PinPoint Pro

A one page AJAX booking management system with added functionalities of discount management, Woo Commerce integration, customizable emails and PayPal payment gateway. Perfect for your business and simple in operation.


Multiple login options available with the loaded arsenal of customizable email options, confirmed bookings through upfront payments, management of appointments, configurable option for automatic email dispatching and PayPal payments, this makes for a great option for your business.


The above mentioned WordPress scheduling plugins are what your business needs to avoid the hassle of manual appointments and bookings. You can also consult Plugin World for these and many more.