Are you looking for Business themes for WordPress? We think we can help you with that in this very article. Before we get that far, we think we should go over a few basic things as well.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme for business, we assume you already have a WordPress website. In case you don’t have one, or you think you might have missed a few aces while creating one, learn how to create the perfect website with WordPress.

If you already have a great website on WordPress, we know you must be looking for something that could help you with escalating and inclining your revenue streams. You know what, boosting your site could help with that too.

All of that depends on how good you are with being discovered by potential customers. SEO and keywords matter a lot when you are looking to do business online. We think you could do with a few great SEO plugins and services in that regard.

If you are an online store, we recommend you to look for WooCommerce themes as they suit the online store niche more than a business WordPress theme would.

12 Great Business Themes

If you are looking for some premium and highly responsive business WordPress themes or even if you want free WordPress themes for business, you can find one suited to your needs on this list.

We thought it might take an eternity for you to look at every possible business theme on the internet and then decide which one you find the most suitable for your business. We made it a little easier for you.

These 12 themes have free WordPress business themes, responsive ones, the minimal ones, and probably the on that you can call the best business theme for your WordPress business site

Scroll through and find the one that suits your business niche and needs. You can then alter it the way you want and we assure you that your business will show positive changes with regards to revenue and conversions.

1.  Hestia

Hestia wordpress theme

Hestia is a modern material design theme that perfectly suits every business. It is one of those business themes that work for one and all business niches.

The first great thing that you want in every theme these days is the page builder compatibility. The feature allows you to customize. Create, and alter things on your website without the need for altering the code manually.

If you want to opt for another page builder or editor in place of the one that Hestia comes with, you can simply integrate Hestia to the page builder or editor of your choice.

It is also highly conducive to all kinds of online stores as it comes with extensive WooCommerce integration and compatibility. It allows you to create a flawless store with all the features that you can wish for.

If you don’t want to spend an eternity on creating a great website, you can find one in the Starter sites that come with Hestia. That allows you to get right into the stuff without having to work on designing and all.

Hestia is translation and RTL ready in case you have a website that has content that is not in English. You don’t have to worry about that with Hestia as it takes care of translation readiness for you.

Hestia is an SEO friendly theme that allows you to conduct business with far more spark than many other themes you may find. It’s mega menus and incredible round the clock support makes it an irresistible choice.

2.  Phlox

Phlox is one of the finest themes when it comes to compatibility with Elementor. It comes with elementor as its visual editor and thus, you can customize your website with ease and style.

Phlox also helps you reduce your workload relative to design with its pre-built complete demos. You can select an in-built demo and get going with your website without any delay.

The demo import is one-click so that all you need to do for importing a demo is a single click. One-click and you have your demo site ready. That cuts down on a lot of effort and time that you can spend on other aspects of your business.

If you are thinking about starting your own store on the website, you can do so with quite an ease with Phlox. It allows you an easy route to store creation with its advanced level WooCommerce integration.

The theme is totally optimized for mobile devices and works perfectly across various platforms. It has an excellent cross-browser compatibility feature that makes sure your website functions perfectly over all web browsers.

It has a modern image gallery, best touch slider suited to mobile devices, advanced typography options, multiple post formats, over 30 exclusive widgets, and unparalleled performance in terms of speed and page loading time.

In short, Phlox is the perfect theme if you want to help your business grow. It has everything that you would ever wish for in a theme for your business website.

3.  Ripple

If you want to create a ripple and bring an instant change to your business and your website for positive gains. It is one of the best, yet minimalistic themes for WordPress to ever exist.

According to the modern-day needs, Ripple comes with a one-page design. That allows your users to browse through your website without having to find their way to a particular webpage.

It has an in-built live editor for customization so that you can edit, alter, customize, and recreate your website the way you want without having to write codes.

Ripple also allows background settings and breadcrumbs configuration. You get to have complete control over your website and its content with Ripple on board.

It offers custom CSS and a fully customizable home page. You can make an impact on your incoming audience right from the get-go by creating the perfect homepage with Ripple.

It also has a featured and portfolio section so that you can make your website more user-friendly in terms of the interface. The advanced about section adds value to its user-friendliness too.

With Ripple, you get a highly customizable theme that allows you to optimize your SEO strategies, customize your CTAs, and offer unparalleled responsiveness across all browsers. What else is needed then?

4.  Business Consultant Finder

Business Consultant Finder

Business Consultant Finder is a highly customizable and minimal WordPress theme that allows you to take complete control over how your website appears and functions for your audience.

The theme is built on top of the CodeStar framework that makes it one of the most clean-coded themes all over the internet. It comes packaged with 4 premium plugins as well, making it an irresistible choice.

You don’t need any coding knowledge when working with BCF as it makes sure that your job with the creation and customization of your website is as simple as dragging and dropping.

It has over 40 different widgets pre-built for you to use while you create your website in addition to an advanced WooCommerce integration and a WooCommerce toolkit so that you can create an online store for your business.

There are unlimited color options, numerous post formats, multiple page layouts, Mailchimp and Contact Form 7 integrations, RTL and WPML support, and translation readiness with BCF.

It is a perfect and simple theme for your business if you are looking for something that makes your life easier and also comes with a bucket load of features.

5.  Business Epic

Business Epic theme

We think that a business theme should be perfectly suited to the needs of a business website. It should be highly sophisticated and suited to business niches rather than being an all-purpose blog styled theme.

Business Epic is just that kind of theme. It is perfectly suited for all business niches and makes sure that your website has an authentic and sophisticated outlook.

You have multiple sections for the homepage with Business Epic including favicon and multiple navigations. That makes your website’s homepage catchier so that the audience decides to stay.

You get pagination, typography, and unlimited color options with Business Epic for your website. It also comes with an advanced WooCommerce integration so that you can create a store easily.

In addition to all that sophistication and authenticity that it brings to your website, it also brings translation readiness, RTL and WPML support, cross-browser compatibility, and much more.

It is evidently a great choice if you are looking for a theme that perfectly suits all business niches and retains visitors for you with its design and functionalities.

6.  Astra

astra wordpress theme

We think that business themes should be fast, lightweight, and minimal. Astra thinks that too. That has been proven time and over again that minimalistic and lightweight themes help your business a lot.

There are numerous pre-built websites that you can choose from to reduce your workload and then, you can edit those pre-built websites with the live editor.

If all this isn’t enough for you to start, Astra also comes with codeless customization for all elements. You simply need to know how to use a mouse for the drag and drop function and you can customize your website.

Astra makes sure that your visitors don’t bounce off the homepage due to slow speeds or loading issues. It is built for super-fast processing, loading, and working.

You get to have numerous layout, typography, and color options with Astra. This ensures that you have complete control over how your business website looks and you can make it perfectly tailored for your niche then.

This all and the additional features that include an advanced WooCommerce integration, RTL and Translation readiness, Retina readiness, and cross-browser compatibility, make Astra a perfect choice.

7.  Generate Press

Generate Press

Whenever we discuss business-related themes, we make sure that there is a special quota for lightweight themes that function perfectly across all platforms and browsers.

Generate Press is one such theme. It functions perfectly across all browsers, courtesy its cross-browser compatibility. It also comes with an unparalleled performance across all platforms.

Generate Press is lightweight, as light as just 30 KB. That doesn’t mean it is any less in terms of performance and stability.  It has a clean code that ensures its completely safe and stable across all devices.

It delivers top tier speeds for all visitors regardless of their devices or browsers, courtesy its tiny footstep and lightweight design. It brings the best out of your website with zero dependencies on third-parties and makes sure your visitors get to see the best version of your business.

Generate Press creates great websites with unlimited color options, numerous typography options, Retina-ready design, and layout controls. You can see a brilliant example here!

8.  Neve

Neve business wordpress theme

When you are creating a WordPress website, you want to so it quickly and easily. That can be helped if you choose a theme that has an easy setup and installation process.

Neve is an excellent example of a minimal, clean, and easy to use WordPress theme. It comes with a unique visual editor that allows you to create and customize your website without having to code anything.

Neve has a 100-speed grade and loads in less than a second. It has a reduced weight so that your users with slower connections or low performing devices.

An excellent example of Neve being the multi-niche business theme it is is this one! You can clearly see how it fits the profile for the casino and yet delivers the authenticity of a business website too.

With Neve, you can custom design your headers and footers and control the website layout options. This allows you to customize your website the way you want and make it more professional.

With all this, you also get a mobile-friendly and AMP-compatible interface when you opt for Neve. That all makes it an irresistible choice, doesn’t it?

9.  Business Star

With Business Star, you get two distinct homepage designs. This allows you complete control over the website’s overall design and outlook, making you the master of everything.

Business Star is an SEO friendly theme. This makes it an excellent choice for any business website. Its SEO friendly interface makes your SEO strategies stronger and helps you rank better in searches.

With Business Star, your website is ready for translation. This way you can expand your business to multiple countries. If your website isn’t in English, doesn’t matter, you can still target everyone with translation readiness.

You get a dedicated client section and a blog section with Business Star. You also get one-page options and one post option with Business Star in addition to header images and social links.

In addition to all that, it offers sticky headers and footers, sticky menus, one-click demo imports, testimonial section, 404-page customization, and much more.

10.  Business Times

Business Times wordpress theme

Business Times is an excellent choice for a theme if you are looking for one for your business site, consultancy, or educational institute. It has the supreme authentic outlook that makes your website look professional.

It has an advanced WooCommerce integration for eCommerce so that you can create and manage a store for your business with great ease and without the extended efforts.

Its live editor allows you to edit your website with live previews and dynamic methodologies. You can customize your website any way you want with unlimited color and typography options.

With numerous social integrations and an SEO suited interface, you can be sure that your business is heading in the right direction with Business Times in charge of your website.

11.  Prime Business

Prime Business multipurpose theme

Are you a business startup? We think you need a push-start and the best push-start that you can get is a theme that fulfills all the needs of a business and a startup simultaneously.

You can choose Prime Business and we are sure you will get a headstart with your website. It has an elementor page builder that allows you to create and customize your website easily.

The theme has a clean code and extensive documentation that helps you in case you have something that needs alteration to the code as a whole.

You get lazy loading, preloader function, and sticky headers for your website with Prime Business. It also comes with more than 650 google fonts and other typography options.

With Prime Business, you have everything that you need to push start your business and get into the market in the right manner. You can then customize the theme to suit your needs in the future too.

12.  One Login Business

If you are looking for a simple and minimal theme for your business, we recommend One Login Business strongly. It is simple, minimal, yet comprehensive in terms of features.

It has a beautiful layout design that makes your website attractive to the eye. That and the color options make your website pleasant and give you higher chances of conversion with low bounce rates and longer session durations.

It is speedy and does not trouble you or your audience with slow page speeds or longer loading durations. That makes your website easier for everyone on every device to access and browse.

Social icons and SEO suited interface add more to its arsenal and we thus, highly recommend One Login Business for those of you who wish for a simple and excellent theme.


These 12 themes are the finest business themes that you will find all over the internet. We have found them through research and comparisons over numerous points.

Choose the one that suits your needs and business niche the best. Best of luck with your business online.